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BerkeleyLUG Google Groups (list) - backup(s) & ... (possibly) migrate to ...

Submitted for your consideration ...

So, Google Groups, and BerkeleyLUG (and the Pi.BerkeleyLUG SIG thereof)
having list on Google Groups ... folks have differing opinions about if
it ought be/stay there, or move elsewhere (e.g. self-hosted list, such
as on mailman/mailman2/mailman3).

So ... your thoughts?

And ... list admin's can backup the existing Google Groups data,
and in form that can presumably be reasonably migrated to
something else.  Anyway, I have backed that up (and ought turn it
into a regular occurrence - though it may or may not be feasible to
fully automate that).

And also, if we wanted to, e.g. change that instead to a mailman managed
list (already have other mailman hosted lists on the same host that hosts
http[s]://[www.][pi.]berkeleylug.com/), could, e.g. migrate that to
mailman.  That would put it more in "our" control (and more out of Google's
control / out from under Google's thumb), and make it easier to, e.g.
backup.  In any case, the list postings are public, so at least that part
of it probably doesn't make a huge difference (at least if it also gets
backed up at least once in a while) ... but other considerations might
be more significant.

Anyway, so ... what say y'all?  Should we maybe setup a
survey or vote?  (or will only like about 2 or 3 folks on the list
vote anyway?).

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