Erin Mulder on Mon Oct 10 00:57:13 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Welcome!

Hey Everybody,

I just took a minute to set up a real mailing list for us.  I'll
probably migrate it to at some point, but for now,
we're all subscribed to:

As I mentioned last week, the first meeting will be November 2nd,
somewhere in Fort Washington (either the Chariot office or the Holiday
Inn across the street, depending on how many people we expect).  I'd
like to adopt the back-to-back format that a lot of other user groups
use where we start out with a 45-min beginner-level talk, then have a
social break, then have a 45-min intermediate or advanced topic.  Of
course, speak up if you have ideas for specific topics!

Without having done any publicizing (other than a small note on the
rails wiki), we already have 12 people subscribed.  Let's start
spreading the word and see how many local Rubyists we can find! :)

In the next few days, I plan to send announcements to:
  * the Rails list
  * the PLUG list (local linux user group)
  * the JavaMinds list (local Java enthusiasts list)
  * the PhillyJUG Yahoo list (local Java user group)

If you know of other people or lists that might be interested, please
let them know about the group.  You can send them to the following URL
to subscribe to this list: