Aaron Mulder on Mon Oct 10 02:30:25 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Welcome!

For the beginner session this time, what would you think of having a
walkthrough of the Ruby/Rails install process on Windows, Mac OS X,
and Linux?  Is that *too* beginner?


On 10/10/05, Erin Mulder <meara@alumni.princeton.edu> wrote:
> Hey Everybody,
> I just took a minute to set up a real mailing list for us.  I'll
> probably migrate it to phillyonrails.org at some point, but for now,
> we're all subscribed to:
>   phillyonrails@opentools.org
> As I mentioned last week, the first meeting will be November 2nd,
> somewhere in Fort Washington (either the Chariot office or the Holiday
> Inn across the street, depending on how many people we expect).  I'd
> like to adopt the back-to-back format that a lot of other user groups
> use where we start out with a 45-min beginner-level talk, then have a
> social break, then have a 45-min intermediate or advanced topic.  Of
> course, speak up if you have ideas for specific topics!
> Without having done any publicizing (other than a small note on the
> rails wiki), we already have 12 people subscribed.  Let's start
> spreading the word and see how many local Rubyists we can find! :)
> In the next few days, I plan to send announcements to:
>   * the Rails list
>   * the PLUG list (local linux user group)
>   * the JavaMinds list (local Java enthusiasts list)
>   * the PhillyJUG Yahoo list (local Java user group)
> If you know of other people or lists that might be interested, please
> let them know about the group.  You can send them to the following URL
> to subscribe to this list:
>   http://www.phillyonrails.org/
> Cheers,
> Erin
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