Erin Mulder on Mon Oct 10 02:47:14 2005

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[PhillyOnRails] Welcome!

Aaron Mulder wrote:
> For the beginner session this time, what would you think of having a
> walkthrough of the Ruby/Rails install process on Windows, Mac OS X,
> and Linux?  

Sure, though it may be even more helpful for us to print up nice,
well-tested instructions and have a few CDs available with all of the
necessary binaries/gems/tools.  In any case, we should be able to walk
through the steps for all three platforms in 15 minutes or less.

If people bring laptops, we can help them get everything installed and
running during the social break.

Speaking of walkthroughs, it might not be out of line to show how to set
up an Apache+FastCGI configuration and talk about the different web
server options (WEBrick for dev, Apache+FastCGI, Lighttpd, etc.).  I'd
also love to see what other people are doing with Switchtower.