Andrew Langman on 4 Nov 2005 03:06:02 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] Philly on Rails Meeting

I also had a good time at the meeting. I'm very new to Ruby, and I learned a
good bit. Thanks to Erin for organizing (and lecturing).

As I said at the meeting, I'd like to know how many people would find it more
convenient to meet occasionally in center city. I work and live downtown, so
I'd be very happy to meet in town sometimes. But I can also ride the train,
unless they go on strike.

And Tuesday works for me.

As far as topics go, just about any topic would be good for me to hear about,
as I'm just starting with Ruby.

I would be curious to hear about what tools people use for Rubying. I live in
jEdit, and also use Vim at times. jEdit's Ruby tools ( are
quite good. The autocompletion in particular is much more intelligent than what
you get with Eclipse. But I'd be happy to try anybody's recommendation.

Andrew Langman

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