Erin Mulder on 7 Nov 2005 18:33:56 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] [ANN] Philly on Rails Weekly Challenge - #1

Many of us don't get paid to write Ruby and may have trouble finding
outlets to improve our Ruby/Rails skills.

To help fix that, and in the spirit of RubyQuiz, I'm launching the
"Philly on Rails Weekly Challenge".

Near the end of each week, just as you're planning what to do with your
weekend, I'll post a new Ruby coding challenge to occupy your time. :)
Some of the challenges will be one-offs.  Others will build on each
other for a few weeks to let us develop more interesting applications.
The best submissions will be shown off at the monthly meeting!

I've posted this week's challenge a little early to give everyone some
extra time to get things installed:

This one is a perfect starting point for Ruby/Rails newcomers.  To
complete it, you need to create a few database tables and a basic Rails
app to manage their content.  Then, over the following three weeks,
we'll work on adding web service calls, authentication and a healthy
dose of AJAX.

Feel free to discuss possible approaches on the mailing list and/or team
up with other members to work on this together.  If you're having
trouble getting Ruby, Rails or MySQL running, speak up and the rest of
us will try to help!

Happy coding!

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