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RE: [PhillyOnRails] Meeting Location

I don't think that UNISYS will want to host a Ruby on Rails group, since
I think they have no vested interest in it, nor as I can tell, employees
using it.  They do have several Java projects going, though.

However, the Phil Area Cold Fusion User Group PACFUG
http://www.PACFUG.org used to meet at Penn State Great Valley also at
Rte 202 & Rte 29 in Malvern.  They currently meet at Broowood Media Arts
on Bethlehem Pike in Lower Gwynedd in the Rte 309 area.  Does anybody
have any contacts with that vendor or that group?

Is Penn State Great Valley a good location for people?

The Malvern Train station is not within walking distance - and I don't
know if Penn State has a shuttle that goes there.

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Other groups such as Philly JBoss group, JUG, SPIN meet in Malvern,
Exton area typically at Unisys or Siemens premises. Is it possible to
get one of those? Are there any folks from those companies that can make
this possible? Both locations are excellent. 
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