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[PhillyOnRails] [MPSIG] Meeting this coming Saturday, Mike Zornek on Ruby on Rails, the hot new system for building websites quickly & easily

Mike Zornek will be presenting Ruby on Rails, a hot new system for building web sites quickly & easily, this coming Saturday, December 3rd, at the December MPSIG (Macintosh Programmers Special Interest Group) from 10:30am to 12:30 am at McMobile in Upper Darby (directions:

Ruby is a language that is getting an enormous amount of good press as a rapid web development tool: part of the whole Web 2.0 thing, if you've heard of that. Mike has just taken it up & is full of insight. Per Mike is his talk is:

Introduction to Ruby

Interpreted languages are all the rage these days, and Ruby is amongst the fastest gaining mindshare. At this month's meeting we'll do an introduction to the Ruby language, showing off some of it's more unique approaches to solving problems. We'll also do a brief overview of Rails, a full-stack, open-source web framework that has been a big part of Ruby's momentum.

References on ruby:

Mike knows whereof he speaks. He is a freelance consultant who helps build custom web software for small to medium sized businesses. And he provides user experience reviews that help people get the most from their web sites. In his spare time Mike enjoys hacking together OS X applications with Cocoa as well as blogging his thoughts about the tech industry on his blog at

We are looking forward to hearing him December 3rd!

The MPSIG web site is (I keep a page up for MPSIG as well,

Deivy has secured the web site for us, but is still working on hosting.

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PS.  There is a new Ruby on Rails user group.  The next meeting is:

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 at 7pm
Fort Washington Holiday Inn

Per their announcement:

"First, we'll hear from Aaron Mulder about a lot of little things you
need to know to develop serious Rails applications in real-world
environments, from adapting a data model to managing test data to
interfacing with external systems (without breaking when they're not
there during development).

Next, Toby DiPasquale will take us on a tour of Ruby idioms, helping
newcomers break out of the mold of Java/PHP/Perl/C and write code that
looks and smells like Ruby.  If you've puzzled over things like {|foo|
... }, ||=,, rescue, attr_accessor or method_missing, then you
won't want to miss this talk by a longtime, local Rubyist.

Get all the meeting details at:

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