Aaron Mulder on 15 Jan 2006 03:46:02 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] Some Topics I'd Like To See

Could someone consider doing a beginning talk on logging in Rails? 
All I know is puts, though I know there is some fancier logging
framework out there.  If you give this talk, you'll be safe in the
knowledge that you're sparing me various commentary like "what the
hell, another puts?!?" when certain other people read my code.  :)

If this is too small for a talk, maybe validation would be another
good topic to roll in there.

Another interesting topic would be "the right way to do CRUD screens",
which is to say, present a good pattern for how to write basic
add/edit screens, including things like whether and when to use
session variables, when to use partials, the realistic options for
date/time fields, and what to do if the screen uses a different data
format than the model class (e.g. date fields again, or the screen has
1 5-digit and 1 4-digit fields for a zip+4 zip code, but the model
takes a single 10-digit files like NNNNN-NNNN).

Another good one for either a beginner or advanced talk would be how
to write simple AJAX code (like, entry completion and data that
updates every 5 seconds without a full refresh and if you pick a value
in drop-down 1 it automatically filters the values in drop-down 2
without a full refresh, etc.).

If anyone else has topics they'd like to see, please speak up!  And
also if you can give a talk on one of these topics, of course.  :)

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