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Re: [PhillyOnRails] OS X Tiger


This is the one I've used on both my developer machines and the Mac mini
running the production Clickable Bliss website.

It's served me great.

> 1. Would it be particularly difficult, tedious or slow to upgrade
> after using darwinports?

One of the benefits of DP is that it has a nice way to do upgrades and even
downgrades (much like gem). I never really like its MySQL package, I think
the one off of MySQL.com works best. Not sure how good/bad the other rails
related packages work through DP.

> 2. Can I use MySQL 5 with Rails?

I've heard of people doing so without issue, but there is not wide spread
use of it to date. Personally I've stuck with 4.1 since I don't use the
advanced stuff in 5 (yet anyways). The reward/risk just wasn't there.

> 4. Am I out of line by asking these questions, even though I haven't
> attended any meeting (yet)?

Not that I have any status in the group, but the more talk the better. Ask
what ever you want.

~ Mike
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