Erin Mulder on 14 Mar 2006 23:37:51 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] This Thursday - Emerging Tech Conference

Hey Everybody,

I'm not sure that I've mentioned this here before, but Chariot is
sponsoring a full-day Emerging Technology Conference on Thursday (March
16), and we're flying in a lot of great open source leaders to speak.

Most of the talks are going to be Java-oriented.  However, if you're
interested in Open Source, Ruby and AJAX, you can make it a half-day and
just hit the following sessions:

9:30 - "Free Markets in Software" by Kim Polese, CEO, SpikeSource
10:45 - "Practical AJAX" by me
11:45 - Free Lunch (see -- there is such a thing!)
12:15 - "Cheap, Fast and Good: You can have it all with Ruby on Rails"
by Brian McCallister

It's free, but you need to register.  Just follow the registration links
at the URL above.

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