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[PhillyOnRails] April 24 Meeting Announcement!

Hey Philly Rubyists,

Thanks to all who attended the March meeting, to Site5 for sponsoring
again and to Aaron Blohowiak for a great talk on and

This month, we'll be welcoming a guest speaker (Obie Fernandez) who is
in town for an enterprise Ruby project.  Check out his blog at:


When: Monday, April 24, 2006 at 7pm
Where: Fort Washington Holiday Inn
Sponsor: TBD (please help me find a sponsor!)


7:00 PM - Domain-Specific Languages in Ruby

          Ruby is rapidly becoming the best choice for authoring
          embedded DSLs: domain-specific languages which present
          opportunities to capture business logic and workflow
          requirements of your business apps in a language that
          is easily understandable by project stakeholders and
          business analysts. I'll share the secrets of how we're
          using the technique on our ThoughtWorks projects and
          how to integrate Ruby DSLs into your Rails app.

7:45 PM - Food, Break, Discussion

8:15 PM - Enterprise Adoption of Ruby

Get all the meeting details at:

Please let me know (offlist) whether you can make it so that we can get
the right size rooom.  And of course, RSVPing will also get your name in
the hat for some great Ruby giveaways.   :)

See you there!


PS. We still need speakers and sponsors for May and June, so if you've
been thinking about volunteering, go ahead and email me or the group
with your idea!!

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