Obie Fernandez on 19 Apr 2006 20:43:01 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] help me customize my talk on DSLs in Ruby and Rails Enterprise adoption

I'm Obie Fernandez, the guy that's coming to talk to you next Monday
night at the Philly on Rails user group. I want to customize my talk
to your needs as much as possible, so how 'bout we get a discussion
going about which topics to emphasize?

I'm particularly hoping that we might be able to make the session
interactive -- it would take someone bringing some documents, maybe a
spreadsheet or two that detail a workflow or state machine of some

The example I use in my slide deck is logic to dictate amounts of
sales commissions, but writing a DSL from scratch based on some
requirements you guys bring along would definitely be a lot more fun.

As for the discussion about Rails enterprise adoption, I don't have a
powerpoint stack -- it's going to be interactive Q&A.


PS: See my blog entries on DSLs to get an idea of what the DSL talk is
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