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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Ruby/Rails and Oracle

It's not so much a driver issue as an issue of the SQL your OR mapper
generates.  They could have created an Oracle 8i dialect for Active
Record, if that is possible.  The issue is that 8i does not support the
ANSI join syntax as in this example:

9i syntax (ANSI):

SELECT pub_name, title
FROM publishers
INNER JOIN titles ON publishers.pub_id = titles.pub_id

You would have to rewrite it like this:

8i syntax:

SELECT pub_name, title
FROM publishers, titles
where publishers.pub_id = titles.pub_id


> One of Obie's colleagues stated that since the db they were using
> didn't support joins the way active record did them (I think that is
> what he was saying), that they had to write the sql for all of their
> queries. I was wondering if there was a reason why they didn't make
> their own db "driver" and open source it?
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