Brian Donahue on 2 May 2006 23:54:23 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] MacBook Choices

Looking for some insight/advice...  I'm a windows guy mainly, doing .NET development for my day job, but playing with ruby and rails on my own, and liking it a lot.  I bought a powerbook last June mostly planning on using it for music (I have ProTools LE, and some other software and equipment).  Unfortunately, as the father of a 3 year old I haven't done much with music, but have used the mac for Rails work and general use, as it is my only laptop.  So, now that the MacBooks are out I definitely am tempted to pick one up and have a dual boot machine that I can do anything I need to on.  So, I have some questions that I thought maybe some of the mac folks on this list could help with:

1) What can I expect to get for my powerbook if I sell it (is $1200 crazy?) and is ebay the best option?
2) I have a 15" powerbook.  Looking at the options, it seems that a 15" powerbook with 2.16GHz costs the same as a 17" 2.16GHz (base model).  I like the size of the 15" though... I'm probably going to go to the apple store and check it out, but wondering if anyone thinks the 17" is a little cumbersome, or is it worth it?
3) It also seems that buying on Amazon (no tax, $150 rebate) is almost the same price as buying a refurbished one from Apple - $300 cheaper than retail, but you pay tax if I'm not mistaken.

My first instinct is to stick with a 15" and NOT spend the extra $ for 2.16GHz, but I'd like to get any general feedback from savvy mac users. 
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