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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Save the Date: July 6, David Black

That is fantastic! I think I found his book the most valuable so far
of the books I have read. It really helped me understand ruby more
through rails.

Just make sure it isn't the week of June 17th because I'll be on my honeymoon!


On 6/8/06, Erin Mulder <meara@alumni.princeton.edu> wrote:
Hey Everybody,

Great news!  David Black, one of the core Ruby contributors, will be
speaking at our next meeting.   Right now, we're aiming for Thursday,
July 6th, but I still need to confirm the room.

Check out David's latest book, "Ruby for Rails" at:

Here's a quick bio from that Manning page:

A Ruby community leader, David A. Black is a director of Ruby Central,
the parent organization of the annual International Ruby Conference
(RubyConf) and the International Rails Conference. David is a Ruby core
contributor and the creator and maintainer of the Rails-based Ruby
Change Request Archive (RCRchive). He lives and works as a consultant in
New Jersey.

We still need a sponsor for this meeting.  Email me if you can help.
(BountySource?   Others?)

Stay tuned for more specifics on date, time, topic, etc.

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