Erin Mulder on 27 Jul 2006 21:15:53 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Meetings in Philly?

Mike Evans wrote:
> I'm pretty new here (Just moved back to the Philly area last month)
> and was excited to see that there was an active Rails community here.
> Is there any chance that future meetings will be held in Philadelphia?
> Center City?  Making it all the way out Fort Washington is just too
> impractical for me... I'm on the Jersey side of the river and don't
> have a lot of free time.


Welcome to the group!

At the time of our last unscientific poll
(, we had more
suburbanites than city dwellers and people preferred the Fort Washington
location.  That said, there are almost 150 people in this group now and
a number of folks don't regularly make the meetings, possibly because
they're too far.  However, none of the vocal urbanites have taken me up
on my call for a volunteer to organize something down there.

Just in case that's changed...

Are there any volunteers to organize/fund a city meeting?  If it's
successful, we can start alternating locations (or just meet in both
places on different days if the attendance doesn't overlap much).  I'll
make sure that any Ruby meetings in any Philly location are listed on
the site.

(The Philadelphia Linux User Group has started doing this.  They have
monthly meetings in both University City and Malvern.)


PS. Here's a wiki page with some past thoughts about meeting locations:
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