Aaron Blohowiak on 23 Oct 2006 16:14:28 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Rails/Apache Configuration Problem

Does ruby 1.8.2 jive with rails 1.1.6 ? I thought 1.8.4 was recommended.

they say 

If you use Alias in httpd.conf for your rails directory, be sure to fix it!

Edit public/.htaccess under your project, and add RewriteBase:


RewriteBase /namefromroot

This will make it so that it redirects to the apropriate base directory.

I'm not a fastcgi guy. Goooo zed!

Aaron Blohowiak

On Oct 23, 2006, at 12:00 PM, Andrew Langman wrote:

I'm developing a simple Rails app on top of Apache 1.3 on Solaris 9, using Ruby
1.8.2 and Rails 1.1.6. I'd use Lighttpd insead of Apache if the choice were
mine, but it isn't. I have control of all the Apache config files, but my
control ends at that level. I don't get to choose the web server.

It runs fine with Webrick. It does not work with Apache. I believe the Apache
configuration is the problem, and it's likely something simple and
embarrassing. Here are the details, with names changed to protect the company.

Let's call the appliation ACIDS, because it makes my eyes burn. It lives at:


which is outside of our document root. That's handled with an alias in Apache:

Alias /acids /usr/local/web/dev/cgi/rails/acids

The files in acids/public are owned by nobody (which is what Apache runs as).

Browsing to http://devserver.mysite.org/acids/ gets me the "Welcome Aboard,
You're riding the Rails" message.

The FastCgiServer configuration for dispatch.fcgi in public is working. That
is, it shows up as a running process, owned by nobody:

nobody 6768 6765 0 00:00:03 ? 0:06 /ropt/local/bin/ruby

The development.log has errors when I try to do anything other than go to the
root of the application. Example:

Recognition failed for "/acids/dispatch.fcgi/admincategory/"

I can't tell if it's that dispatch.fcgi isn't working at all, or if what's
being passed to it is literally:


when dispatch.fcgi needs to receive just:


Or maybe it's something else entirely. Any Rails/Apache wisdom is welcome.
Thank you.

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