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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Center City Meeting @ Comcast

On 11/9/06, Eric Snyder <snyderep@mac.com> wrote:

This is an old discussion but I would like to revive it. I personally favor alternating between Center City and the northern burbs locations. Now that this may be closer to reality, please state or re-state your opinion. - Every meeting in Center City? - Alternate between locations? - Most meetings in the burbs and the occasional meeting in Center City? - Most meetings in Center City and the occasional meeting in the burbs?

I'm new here so wasn't a part of the old discussion. I vote for every meeting in CC. If we're intending to serve the Delaware Valley, then we should have the meetings as centrally located as possible. The burbs are convenient if you live there, but not if you live in CC, South Jersey (me) or Delaware.

Plus, if we're really going to be called Philly on Rails, then I think
our meetings should be in Philly.

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