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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Center City Meeting @ Comcast

Hey Guys:
I'd like to see "philly" pub nite be in Center City (I live there) all the time only because the "philly" Rails User Group meetings are NEVER in center city.  If we would alternate pub nites, why not alternate the user group meetings too?  Comcast did offer their building and I'm assuming its not much of a pub so it seems like it would be good for presentations.  

On Nov 9, 2006, at 9:15 AM, Brian Donahue wrote:

I'd love to alternate.  Fort Washington is an easy 10 minute commute for me.  Downtown's not terrible though, and it's a good excuse to get into the city once in a while. 

On 11/9/06, Eric Snyder <> wrote:
Comcast has offered to provide us indefinitely with meeting space and food in their building at 15th & Market. I hear that it is a really nice space. As a sponsor they would put out recruiting literature at the meeting and possibly speak for a minute or two.

This is an old discussion but I would like to revive it. I personally favor alternating between Center City and the northern burbs locations.  Now that this may be closer to reality, please state or re-state your opinion.
- Every meeting in Center City?
- Alternate between locations?
- Most meetings in the burbs and the occasional meeting in Center City?
- Most meetings in Center City and the occasional meeting in the burbs?

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