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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Center City Meeting @ Comcast

As someone who rarely comes to the meetings I'd vote for alternating. :)  I work with a couple peeps here in the city who have voiced interest in the group but are not able to come all the way out to FW.  Both locations are equally convenient for me since I work in the City, and live about 10 minutes from FW. 

Does either location make it more likely to get well known individuals to come out and present for the group?


On 11/9/06, Mike Bell <> wrote:
I'd vote for alternating.  Although we may need to find a new burbs location since the FW Holiday Inn is no longer associated with Holiday Inns and the future is unknown.

Mike Bell

Chariot Solutions, LLC.

(215) 358-1780

Eric Snyder wrote:
Comcast has offered to provide us indefinitely with meeting space and food in their building at 15th & Market. I hear that it is a really nice space. As a sponsor they would put out recruiting literature at the meeting and possibly speak for a minute or two. 

This is an old discussion but I would like to revive it. I personally favor alternating between Center City and the northern burbs locations. Now that this may be closer to reality, please state or re-state your opinion.
- Every meeting in Center City?
- Alternate between locations?
- Most meetings in the burbs and the occasional meeting in Center City?
- Most meetings in Center City and the occasional meeting in the burbs?

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