Mat Schaffer on 10 Nov 2006 11:42:14 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Center City Meeting @ Comcast

On Nov 9, 2006, at 8:40 AM, Eric Snyder wrote:

Comcast has offered to provide us indefinitely with meeting space and food in their building at 15th & Market. I hear that it is a really nice space. As a sponsor they would put out recruiting literature at the meeting and possibly speak for a minute or two.

This is an old discussion but I would like to revive it. I personally favor alternating between Center City and the northern burbs locations. Now that this may be closer to reality, please state or re-state your opinion.
- Every meeting in Center City?
- Alternate between locations?
- Most meetings in the burbs and the occasional meeting in Center City?
- Most meetings in Center City and the occasional meeting in the burbs?


Hot! I work at the Comcast at 1500 Market! I could make those meetings easy. Do you know what floor/tower/room they intent to host us in?
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