Andrew Langman on 11 Nov 2006 12:10:28 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Center City Meeting @ Comcast

I've gone to Penn and Drexel, and they're both well-patrolled and safe.

I'd vote for Drexel over CCP. CCP is at 1700 Spring Garden, which is almost as
far from the train station at 15th and Market as Drexel is, but less convenient
to get to. You can get to Drexel by taking the subway to 34th and Market, which
puts you right in the heart of the campus. Or, if you're taking a train in from
outside the city, you can get off at 30th Street Station and walk up a few
blocks. I think it's easier than CCP.


--- Mat Schaffer <> wrote:

I'm a Drexel alumni, but Mike seemed hesitant about a non-CC  
location. My father used to teach at CCP, which is closer to  
downtown. I'll ask him if he knows a good person to talk to for such  
an event.


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