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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Center City Meeting @ Comcast


I just graduated in the spring. Don't make me go back! Please!

Aaron Blohowiak

p.s. The Drexel campus proper (where the classes are) is just as safe as UPenn.. It's not really on the "wrong side of walnut." 

It also seems like we need a Web 2.oh app for meetings, like social speaker selection and for polling these things and the like. The wiki was a good start, but I'm sure we can do much much better. 

On Nov 9, 2006, at 2:53 PM, Cassius Rosenthal wrote:

As an alternative or in addition to the Comcast building, I'd like to suggest meeting at one of the following universities in CC:


The first three are easily reached by subway, the last by trolley.  UofPenn is probably safest/easiest to get to at night.  LUG meetings are currently held at USP, but I can't help but assume that any of these universities would be more than happy to offer meeting space (not catered) to a group like ours.  I suggest a new wiki-page for voting, the way Mat Schaffer handled the HopsOnRails meeting.  I think that worked very well.

Any other possible academic locations:  CCP?  TJU?  UofArts?  Any alumni here?
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