mike nicholaides on 5 Jan 2007 06:17:19 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] Co-op this spring

Hey Philly on Rails folks,

I hope this isn't inappropriate for the list so I'll keep it short:

I've have my Co-op for Drexel University coming up for the spring and
I'm interested in doing some web programming (although I love all
sorts of programming).  I think it would be fantastic to work at a
place that does development with Rails, or even a company with
employees who appreciate Rails (I interpret that as a sign that it
could be a good place to work).

About me: Third year Drexel student, Computer Science major. I do lots
of programming.  LOVE Ruby, do plenty of JS, PHP, Java, C++.
Co-op: Starts in spring, lasts 6 months.

If you want to talk more you have my email.  If you have any
suggestions for me I'd love that, too.

Thank you very much,
Michael Nicholaides
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