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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Co-op this spring

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I have an interesting project in right now that I think would give you
some good experience if you're into working for a company that doesn't
have an actual physical office (at least not right now).

The project makes use of the following technologies:

> PHP (CakePHP - influenced by Rails)
> Javascript (jQuery)
> a bunch of security software packages (some commercial, some not)

End users are in the "financial sector".

I'd be interested in speaking with you further about your experience at
Drexel, discussing how far along in the program you are, and what
particular business sector interests you, etc.

My contact information is listed below.  Forward your resume.



mike nicholaides wrote:
> Hey Philly on Rails folks,
> I hope this isn't inappropriate for the list so I'll keep it short:
> I've have my Co-op for Drexel University coming up for the spring and
> I'm interested in doing some web programming (although I love all
> sorts of programming).  I think it would be fantastic to work at a
> place that does development with Rails, or even a company with
> employees who appreciate Rails (I interpret that as a sign that it
> could be a good place to work).
> About me: Third year Drexel student, Computer Science major. I do lots
> of programming.  LOVE Ruby, do plenty of JS, PHP, Java, C++.
> Co-op: Starts in spring, lasts 6 months.
> If you want to talk more you have my email.  If you have any
> suggestions for me I'd love that, too.
> Thank you very much,
> Michael Nicholaides
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