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[PhillyOnRails] January 11th Meeting Announcement

January 11th Meeting Announcement

When: Thursday, January 11, 2007

  7:00pm - E-Commerce in Rails (Mike Zornek)
  7:45pm - Food, conversation, announcements, giveaways
  8:15pm - Ruby Puzzlers (see rules below)

  Fort Washington Hotel and Conference Center
  (This is the same hotel as usual, they're just not
   part of the Holiday Inn chain anymore)

Sponsor: Chariot Solutions ( )

RSVP: Please email me offlist to let me know whether you can make it so
that we can plan food and space.  This will, of course, get your name in
the hat for exciting giveaways.

Ruby Puzzler Rules:
 * Submit puzzling lines of Ruby code ahead of time by email to Eric Snyder
 * He'll put all the entries together in a slide deck for the meeting
 * For each puzzler, a prize will either go to the first person to
correctly decipher it, or to the person who submitted it if nobody can
figure it out
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