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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Please RSVP For February PoR Meeting

I'll be there!



Eric Snyder wrote:
> Please RSVP for the next meeting of PhillyOnRails which will be held at
> Drexel University on Monday Feb.  26 in Matheson Hall, room 109. We'll
> get started at 7:00 PM.
> Mike Zornek will talk on Credit Card Validation and Gateway Processing
> With ActiveMerchant and Flinn Mueller will also be presenting on eCommerce.
> Depending on space and response, we would like to open the meeting to
> Drexel students so it is important to RSVP. Of course no  one will be
> turned away that has not sent an RSVP. The RSVP email link on the
> <> landing page still has
> Erin's email address. I'll see about getting that changed to my address
> but for now it's ok if some RSVP emails go to Erin.
> I'll send another nag email in a week or so.  I hope to see many of you
> at the meeting or at the next pub night (Mon. Feb. 19 at Chaucer's
> Tabard Inn <>).
> -Eric
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