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[PhillyOnRails] Looking for help overriding clear_old_version in acts_as_versioned

For a new rails app I'd like to utilize a combination of acts_as_versioned
and acts_as_paranoid to allow me to track the lifespan of objects (a real
client need).

So far it's working fairly well except that when I destroy an Active Record
object the acts_as_versioned plugin is deleting all of the old versions.
It's using a method called clear_old_version and in the docs it says:


> Clears old revisions if a limit is set with the :limit option in
> acts_as_versioned. Override this method to set your own criteria for clearing
> old versions.

My question is: How do I override it. I added a method to my Active Record
model but I don't think it's getting called. Perhaps it's because this
clear_old_version is buried in a stack of Modules.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

~ Mike
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