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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Thanks! And topic idea.

It may actually be code duplicated in Globalize.  Last I used Globalize, I ended up hacking it up so much, that I wrote something else.  My plugin is going to end up throwing a lot more tables all over your database.   In the given example, it's going to make question_titles, and question_bodies tables.

Yeah, after reading more about how Globalize does this -- it might be best if I don't present this option -- it's way too close to what's already built-in, and is probably the wrong choice for 99% of cases.  It will, however, plug in to any i18n system.  You just have to pass it a proc to tell it how to get the current locale(s).

On 2/28/07, Mat Schaffer <> wrote:
On Feb 28, 2007, at 11:26 AM, Mark Chadwick wrote:
> I recently wrote a acts_as_translatable plugin.  It meshes well
> with Globalize (or similar).  The idea is to have translatable
> fields on models where it doesn't really fit in to pre-translated
> strings.  For example:
> I have a product that asks users questions.  The questions are in
> the DB, and users can make their own questions.  I want the same
> questions to be asked to everyone, but I want it to be the the
> correct language, so:
> class Question < AR::Base
>   acts_as_translatable [:title, :body]
> end
> And in the migration:
> Question.create_translated_tables
> That way, when I have a Question, and I do <%= question.body %>,
> It's going to check with Globalize, see what the current language
> is, and display the correct translation.
> Well. That was quite a spiel.  Anyone want to see a presentation on
> that?

So this works in conjunction with Globalize?  It seems like the same
functionality as the function 'translates' that globalize adds to
AR::Base.  So:

class Question < AR::Base
   translates :title, :body

The only difference I see is the migration, where globalize uses the
master translation table to store the translated text.  Is this
option more efficient perhaps?

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