Eric Snyder on 21 Mar 2007 18:21:32 -0000

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[PhillyOnRails] April POR Meeting - Please RSVP

The next PhillyOnRails meeting is less than two weeks away. One half of the meeting will be a presentation on Django, the Python based web framework, from the point of view of a Rails developer. This presentation will provide insights into Rails and its design so it should be interesting to all, even those who have no interest in Django.

For the other half of the meeting I was thinking that we could watch one of the excellent PeepCode screencasts and then have a brief discussion. The Restful Rails screencast may be a good one for the meeting. Restful routes are new to all of us and this would be a good introduction to routing for new Rails developers. The page, action and fragment caching screencast could also be a candidate for the meeting. If we do use the screencast then TopFunky Corp.will give us one to give away at the meeting. An alternative is to do another round of Ruby puzzlers. Opinions?

Again, please RSVP for the meeting.

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