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RE: [PhillyOnRails] RailsConf

I'm staying at red lion ... I definitely need to join in microbrew tour to
recover from spending the night at O'Hare.


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Cliff Moon wrote:
> Who all is already out / coming out to rails conf?  I just got here 
> and I'm having a blast.  Staying at the kennedy school, and I'm loving 
> the idea that I have a bar several doors down from my room.
I'm on my way. Stuck in Chicago. My philly flight was delayed due to 
storms and of course, the connecting flight was long gone by the time I 
got here.

Thank goodness for overpriced airport wifi. Oh how I can't wait to get 
to Portland. As it stands now, I'm going to miss the first tutorial 

I'm up for a some good ol' portland microbrew with the Philly folks, if 
we can organize it.


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