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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Bubble Bee

You fools. It's obviously a solution to the worldwide shortage of honey bees. Since colony collapse disorder will render us without two thirds of our food supply soon, we will have take on the responsibility of the bees if we are to survive.

So you log in and earn "nectar" for every plant you report successfully pollinating by hand. At the end of the season your "nectar" is converted into "honey" which is then put into your personal "comb". Once you've gathered enough "honey" in your "comb" you can start recruiting "larvae" whom will help you by donating back some of their "nectar" to be converted into your "honey". And of course once the food supply collapses, all of that "honey" can be converted into real live food shipped to the door of your bunker so you can survive the fall of civilization.

So join up now to get in at the top of the pyr- I mean colony! Beta spots are limited.

Aaron Blohowiak wrote:
is it an online ice cream social type thing? where ice cream socialists from around the world can gather and plot revolutions against gelatin empires? i've been looking for one of those.

Watch out for the Bovine fundamentalists, i hear they (backed by the infidel water-ice brotherhood) are known to hijack, spam and deface ice cream socialist political sites.

But, look at the name. this is obviously a honey-based replacement for the tapioka bubbles in bubble tea. What I dont understand is why this would launch at the height of one of the greatest shortages of honey to date...

maybe it's a web2.0 bubble thing.

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