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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Hello; tips to avoid "newbie drownings in the Rails pool"...


I had some real headaches as a "fellow newbie" with
bug in the Rails
environment on Mac OS-X.

I've had much better luck with LINUX; specifically
Suse Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell. "Bugless" so
far (knock on wood).

I recommend the WROX programming book on'll find it at their website.

I do recall reading on one of the Rails blogs that
people have had better luck with Rails on LINUX, but
this may be anecdotal. 

I have had a good experience with the XCODE IDE on the
Mac; particularly in using QUARTZ graphics calls from
within some simple Python scripts.  It's a good
graphics engine API available free with 10.4.

-Greg in KC.

--- Seth Albanese <> wrote:

> Hello Philly on Rails!
> I'm new to Ruby and Rails, still working through the
> pick ax and agile 
> development books (love those pragmatic
> programmers).   I figure the 
> best way to get ahead is to find other devs working
> with the technology, 
> so luck for me I stumbled across Philly on Rails!
> I look forward to meeting you fine folks, thanks for
> having a group!
> -Seth Albanese
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