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[PhillyOnRails] Home monitoring and control...

June 15, 2007
I thought back to the time ten or so years ago when I installed a spinkler system in my backyard in California, and
when I called an alarm company to put in some magnetic window sensors and a couple
of infrared sensors for home security.
I started to think about all the money I've spent over the years for simple home monitoring and control.
A sprinkler system controller, for example, probably retails between $50 and $200 bucks,
but you could probably have your PC do sprinkler control using Ruby without too much
After all, everything is low voltage, isn't it?  Also, nothing requires anything like the response
times you might need in industrial controls, so a little latency with Ruby wouldn't be a bad
thing in these types of home monitoring and control applications.
What about a module that rotates through turning the lights on and off in the house when you're on vacation?
Again, I don't think Ruby would be a bad pick there.
Food for thought,
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