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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Home monitoring and control...

What about a module that rotates through turning the lights on and off in the house when you're on vacation?
Again, I don't think Ruby would be a bad pick there.
I have a fair amount of home automation setup at our house using X10. Most of our lights, some appliances, fans, air conditioners, etc. are all remote/computer controlled. Another guy in our office is a huge HA nut (he can IM his house and it IMs back, it talks to him and his family over loudspeaker, etc...).

X10 is very inexpensive and easy to setup. Right now I'm using a commercial Windows based app called Homeseer to control stuff. It's pretty nice. Tons of scheduling features and a very nice web interface for offsite control.

But just a few days ago I was looking for Ruby alternatives. There is some starter code going over at but not complete enough to be useful to me, I fear. In my free cycles (ha!) I plan to play with that a bit, though.


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