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[PhillyOnRails] Aptana and some "industrial grade" RDBMS-ness on a "where to find a cheap Enterprise Server"...

June 26, 2007

"The West is the best" - J. Morrison

Thanks to all for APTANA tips, including LINUX successes.

Tried to download the Enterprise editions (comes with William Shatner:-) of
the "oldies but goodies": DB2 9 Enterprise for Linux, and Oracle 10g for LINUX (x86).

?Por que? (that means, "why?" in Spanish for those concerned with the immigration bill;-)

The APTANA IDE for LINUX has connectivity drivers for both the Oracle and IBM RDBMS products, so why not?
Why not have some industrial-grade RDBMS servers available under the hood if using APTANA for Rails work? 

The "free download" sticker shocker?  The IBM RDBMS product, DB2 9 Enterprise for LINUX, installed without any warning on
a desktop version of Suse Linux (Enterprise Desktop 10), after electronic stating clearly, "installation successful", and is hence partially, but not completely, dysfunctional; only Suse Enterprise Server products from NOVELL (not the desktop variants) are among those supported by IBM  (Egads!!!, Gadzooks!!!, and  General Badness!!!...).

Huzzah!!! that the Oracle 10G download at least gave me an idiot light saying, "you need a different OS, guy", and did NOT proceed with the install on the Desktop 10 LINUX variant from NOVELL.

And, to conclude, this explains URL at the top.  Not a bad deal from NOVELL on Suse "Captain Kirk" Server 9, bundled with the WorkGroup Collaboration suite.  I've read the word, "collaborate" used by Philly on Rails members more times than "Show Me the Money, Jerry" (my personal fave):-)

Looking at these prices at the above URL, a lot of us spend that much money on beer in a month:-)

Onward through the fog,
Greg in KC.

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