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Re: [PhillyOnRails] OT: Books on Agile

Geez, Agile philly sounds like an interesting group.

BTW do you guys know you've been hacked?


David Bogus wrote:
>> I would like to see how others actually put Agile into practice.
> Perhaps reading a book is not as optimal for that as a first hand
> experience.  I know for myself I appear to communicate better by
> showing then by verbalizing how I seek agility.
>> > What kind of enviroment are you wanting to create?
>> For the most part, I'm trying to do what, I suspect, everyone else is
>> trying
>> to do: improve the relationship they have with their customers. I have
>> to sort out what advice >would still be useful, even after I agree
>> with it.
> What areas of  your relationships with customers do you feel need
> change or improvement the most?
> A good local forum for questions and disscussions are the Agile Philly
> meetings. next meeting in August 7th at
> Comcast, 15th & Market in Philly.
> There are people there from big budget we are going agile projects,
> and people who are trying to be the agile influence at their company,
> to folks who are independent or on tiny teams.
> The agile philly mailing lists is mainly about house keeping details
> with being used for the more
> general questions and discussions. Even with XP in the name all
> flavors of agile are on topic, but be warned the list is very active
> and apt to become a fire hose.
> Dave

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