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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Business Justification for Ruby


Sorry for the delayed reply.

I encourage you to be persistent.  Offer to train others on how to
use Ruby.

You might have to rise to the level of CIO before you can get it done
but that's okay.  If you are now the CIO then I have no further
suggestions :-)

Brian McNamara wrote:
> hi all,
> i've recently started a sys admin job where (a) the environment is
> tightly controlled and (b) ruby is not an approved language.  i would
> like to go thru the process of recommending ruby as a standard
> programming language so i can use it for day to day scripting tasks. 
> has anyone in the phillyonrails community had to go thru something
> similar?  i can use the arguments of rapid development, clear
> syntax, and rich standard library, but what other points could i use? 
> any and all help is greatly appreciated (either on the list or off-line).
> thanks!
> brian
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