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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Ruby-Presenters and Non-ruby presenters?

Where is this PHP group?

/me ducks to avoid flying brickbats


Randy Schmidt wrote:
> I'm supposed to be giving an intro to Rails presentation to the PHP
> group in October or November (they are doing a framework roundup type
> of thing) ...I was going to prepare it and pass it around to get
> everybody's $0.02. I don't really know how much time I am going to
> have to present but I wanted to try to emphasize things that would hit
> home with PHP if anybody has ideas, I'm all ears.
> Randy
> On 9/18/07, Colin A. Bartlett <> wrote:
>> David Bogus wrote:
>>> If you do present on that topic it would be nice to cross post to the
>>> Agile-Philly group.
>> Maybe you could do an intro to Agile or XP, Dave? That would be of great
>> interest to a lot of people, I'd say. Self included.
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