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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Philly ALT.NET

Ha!  There is some debate over the choice of names for the community.  But so far that one has stuck, because it was the first label thrown out there.  But the confusion could make for some interesting wiki pages.

On 9/26/07, Aaron Blohowiak <> wrote:
Of course, one must also be aware of Microsoft users' other favorite
site, ALT.COM

You could say it fits their "lifestyle."

> I am starting a new user group that I thought might be of interest to some
> of the members of Philly On Rails.  I'm not sure if any of you would admit
> to being closet .NET developers, but even if you aren't, you may be
> interested to know how we .NET devs deal with things like "Rails envy."  "
> ALT.NET" is a relatively new term used to describe a segment of the
> Microsoft .NET developer community that is interested in evolving the .NET
> platform to incorporate some of the features and philosophies of other
> platforms and software approaches.
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