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[PhillyOnRails] open source frameworks

Rails Fans:

This announcement comes from the Philadelphia Area New Media Association. We're passing it along because it may be of interest to you. Rails will be presented by our own Randy Schmidt.



Just wanted to let you know that PANMA is co-sponsoring an event by the Philadelphia Area PHP Meetup titled "Open Source Frameworks" that will take place this Thursday evening, October 25 at the Science Center.

A framework is a reusable software design which improves the development process by letting a programmer focus on the business-specific tasks of a project rather than repetitive, common tasks like database access, templating, and session management. We'll learn more about web application frameworks in general and explore a number of today's most popular ones.

Details: Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 6:30PM.
The Science Center
3701 Market Street, Second Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19108

Attendance is free but please RSVP at

You'll learn about the strengths and weaknesses, the joys and sorrows of working with four leading open source PHP application frameworks, presented by local developers and members of the group:

CodeIgniter - Owen Winkler, Rock River Star
Symfony - Alex Gilbert - P'unk Avenue
Zend Framework - Chris Morrell
CakePHP - Joshua Benner

For comparison, we'll also present:

Ruby on Rails - Randy Schmidt.
Drupal - Dave Burns & Jerad Bitner.

This should be a great event, relevant to people of all levels of experience with PHP and even other open source languages and systems.

RSVP today!

Colin A. Bartlett
Kinetic Web Solutions

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