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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Agile management web app?

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  • Subject: Re: [PhillyOnRails] Agile management web app?
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On Nov 28, 2007 3:29 PM, Evan Weaver <> wrote:
Well, we need explicit support for iterations, burndown charts,
fine-grained task estimations, that kind of stuff. Trac is sort of
half-way there. Bugs alone aren't enough though.

In Trac :
Iterations = Milestone
Burndown Chart = Roadmap, although not a chart, just a completion bar.
Fine-grained task estimations = A Task ticket with custom field for time estimate.

To get the reports you wanted, you would query the DB to create your own reports, but the information would be in there.

I dunno if Fogbugz supports all that. It might.

Iterations =  Projects with Releases

Burndown Chart = Evidence Based Scheduling (EBS) + Cases + Releases. EBS  uses basic probability stats to make an estimate on the probability on a range of ship dates. Probability increases for later ship dates, as you'll have more time to finish the tasks.   So flip the graph  and you get a burn down chart ;) Nice thing about their interface is that you can catagorize cases (tasks) with a level of importance and adjust the graph on the fly (gotta love ajax) to see what lower priority features do to your release schedule.

Using EBS, though, also means that you won't get these reports until you have enough data points on time estimates vs. real time to complete task to run statistics on. Until then, you can just use a calendar the listing of open cases that are assigned to a release, taking the assign programmer's estimates on faith.

Or you could ask FogCreek about seeding your EBS estimates if you already have detailed timesheet data and assume some 10-15% error rate for everyone.

Fine-grained task estimations = Cases + EBS, with the added bonus that you'll get a probability of the estimate being correct for any member of the team after using it for a time.  EBS was built around this concept.

Again, you can do all of this stuff with Trac, you would just need to role your own DB queries and reports.


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