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[PhillyOnRails] Rails Team Looking for Key Developer

Dear Philly on Rails,

Anthillz is looking to add Rails developers to help round out our core team. Since many of you have impressed me at Philly on Rails, I wanted to give you all the first notice.

We are looking for highly competent developers who are willing to speak their mind and question assumptions while taking some risks for the sake of innovation. Our core team consists of marketing, sales, business, and technology personnel who all are committed to launching a successful flagship product over the next few months.

Some Notes:

·         We are currently looking for a smaller commitment, 3-5 days per week as a freelancer/contractor

·         This role has full-time potential down the road

·         We are launching very soon, so opening a dialogue now will allow you to maximize your role and equity within the company

·         We are looking for idealists who are truly interested in startup work

Anthillz and Product Background:
      Anthillz aims to be the premier online outsourcing platform. We are a next generation Guru/ODesk with an aggressive focus on safety and trust. Think eBay for business services. We have an intense focus on using cutting edge technology to deliver a second-to-none user experience. This involves the flexibility of Ruby on Rails as well as intuitive user interfaces and design from the user perspective. If you’re interested and would like to learn more, reply and let me know so we can talk more offline.


As always I look forward to seeing you at the next PoR Event,


Blake Jennelle


Philly Startup Leaders


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