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[PhillyOnRails] ANN: Philly March 25, 26, 27 = Philly JUG "Software Quality thru Continuous Integration" : Philly Emerging Tech: Kent McDonald

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Here in Philly, we have upcoming events of interest ….
The Philly Java User Group is having a talk on Tuesday night March 25th on "Monitoring Software Quality with Continuous Integration"
Contact Dave Fecak at mailto:dfecak@jsync.com if you are interested in attending.  
Then the following two days, Weds and Thursday of that week, the acclaimed two-day Philly Emerging Tech Conference at Drexel Univ is a great way to stay abreast of software developments in Java and other OO technologies.  
The conference is two days of in-depth education for for $175, and showcases emerging cutting-edge technologies and offers technical and management educational tracks on how those technologies are used, the impact they have on the enterprise and successes and challenges in deploying them. Subjects covered include Java and Lightweight Development, Open Source Software, SOA/Integration, Web 2.0, Agile Practices, Ruby on Rails and more.
Thursday will have an all-day track on Agile Methods  http://www.phillyemergingtech.com/abstracts.php#agile    to hear experts like Jon Kern (Founder TogetherSoft), J. B. Rainsberger, Jim York, Bob Schatz, Stacia Broderick walk you through from the very basics to the very difficult task of harvesting Agile in today's ever changing world.
And mark on your calendars, the AgilePhilly group will have Kent McDonald, agilist and co-author of the Declaration of Interdependence, to speak on Tuesday night April 15th at Drexel Univ on  "Helping Product Owners Define Value and Prioritize Requirements"
 And as always,  www.phillygroups.org lists  our local user groups and their upcoming topics for your educational enjoyment !

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