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[PhillyOnRails] Suburban Pub Nite


The first Suburban Philly on Rails Pub Nite is here! To be held:

Monday, April 28th, 2008
Iron Hill Brewery
130 E. Bridge Street
Phoenixville, PA
I'll be there by 6 PM, staying until at least 8 PM. Come when you can!

We've been debating doing this forever and I'm finally putting it together. ("Putting it together" involved asking the officemates when they wanted to go for beers.) Pub Nites are informal and just to get together and chat about Ruby and whatever. In choosing Iron Hill, which has free WiFi, I'm hoping we can make Pub Nite have a little more hacking.

For the downtowners there's also our standard monthly Pub Nite at Chaucer's coming up this Monday the 21st.

I'll be at both these events and I'd like to discuss everyone's ideas for our next non-pub meeting and draft some volunteer speakers and such. Come on out and chat with me and your fellow geeks over a few beers!


Colin A. Bartlett
Kinetic Web Solutions

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