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[PhillyOnRails] ANN: Kent McDonald at AgilePhilly at Drexel Univ on Tues April 15th

Title: ANN: Kent McDonald at AgilePhilly at Drexel Univ on Tues April 15th

        Kent McDonald is coming.  Get your taxes done this weekend so you are free this Tuesday night to attend.
        We will be meeting promptly at 6:30PM at Drexel Univ
        The MacAlister Building at 33rd and Chestnut is walking distance to the Subway and Amtrak's 30th Street Station, as well as close to the Schuylkill Expressway.

        Please RSVP by clicking   mailto:agilePhillycoordinators@yahoogroups.com?subject=RSVP.April15.Yes

        The topic Helping Product Owners Define Value and Prioritize Requirements
There are numerous software development methodologies available that provide project teams excellent guidance on how to build things right. However when it comes to whether we are building the right things, that task has been passed to the Product Owners without a great deal of guidance. It becomes a matter of understanding the job that needs to be done and what value that adds to the organization in order to decide the importance of specific requirements. Kent will discuss how to help Product Owners define the value delivered by a project through the use of a value model based on the project's purpose, considerations, costs, benefits, and the relation to the organization's strategy. We will also discuss how to help Product Owners use a regular reevaluation of the value model to decide what requirements should be completed, in what order they should be completed, and perhaps more importantly, what requirements should be ignored.

A business systems coach with more than a decade of experience,
Kent McDonald has successfully guided projects and designed business solutions in the financial services, health insurance, performance marketing, human services, non-profit, and automotive industries. His background includes delivering data-intensive and Web-enabled application development projects that provide outstanding business value. He has coached client staff to help teams reach project goals more productively and effectively. Kent is a sought after speaker, writer, and coach on project leadership, business analysis, and delivering business value through projects.

Kent is a co-author of the Declaration of Interdependence, and co-founder and current President of the Agile Project Leadership Network.

On a personal note, ever since I read the Declaration of Interdependence, my Agile goals were set.  The graphic in the following article went up on my cubicle wall 3 years ago  http://www.stickyminds.com/BetterSoftware/magazine.asp?fn=cifea&id=77

Food Plans
        Note that due to scheduling, there will be no food prior to the meeting.  Rather, the plans are that after the meeting, we will adjourn to the nearby bistro The White Dog (34th and Samson) for food and beer and Q and A. So remember to bring some quarters for the meters and some bucks for snacks and beer.  (The summer meetings will be back in the Western Suburbs as usual, we promise.)

Location and Maps:
The University Club is located on the 6th floor of MacAlister Hall at 33rd and Chestnut Streets (SouthEast Corner).
Building "9B" on http://www.drexel.edu/debate/maps.asp (Left of the Red Circle labeled 9A)

Here is a handy map showing the one way streets in the area

There should be plenty of on-street parking, but just in case. . .

Parking Lots A and E on http://www.drexel.edu/depts/parking/locations.html
There is a Drexel Parking Garage at 34th and Market.
5 Star parking north side of Market between 30th and 31st street 
Sheraton at Market and 36th.

Palestra East, side of 33rd after Walnut (northbound)
There is another one on 36th street between Chestnut and Ludlow
A third is at 38th and Walnut.  http://www.business-services.upenn.edu/parking/map.html
(The parking garage on 34th street between Chestnut and Ludlow appears not to be available to visitors.)

Other upcoming meetings:
May 6th  Wade Lee of Ternary on Agile Contracts
June 3rd  Demo of Mingle by Thoughtworks
July 8th  Member's Experiences with Agile

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