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[PhillyOnRails] RubyFringe


Now that you've had a weekend back from RailsConf, it's time to start thinking about the Next Big Thing: RubyFringe. 
I've mentioned my interest in going a few times, and a handful of you said you'd also be interested. The registration deadline is Wednesday June 11 at midnight, and our partners-in-PubNite at Unspace (in Toronto) have given us a last-minute $50(CAD) discount code: 

I'll probably be flying (to Toronto), but if anyone's interested, I'm also up for splitting a van and doing this thing on the cheap. Epic geek road trip anyone? Cmon, I've got a power inverter.

Here's the speaker list:
• Blake Mizerany (Sinatra)
• Chris Wanstrath (ErrTheBlog)
• Damien Katz (CouchDB)
• Dan Grigsby (Unpossible)
• Ezra Zygmuntowicz (Merb)
• Geoffrey Grosenbach (Topfunky)
• Giles Bowkett (Archaeopteryx)
• Hampton Catlin (Haml/Unspace)
• Jay Phillips (Adhearsion)
• Jeremy McAnally (entp)
• John Lam (IronRuby)
• Leila Boujnane (Idée)
• Luke Francl (Slantwise)
• Matt Todd (Halcyon)
• Nick Sieger (JRuby)
• Obie Fernandez (Hashrocket)
• Reg Braithwaite (Raganwald)
• Tobias Lütke (Jaded Pixel)
• Yehuda Katz (Merb/JQuery)
• Zed Shaw (Mongrel/Utu)

More info:

After the discount, it worked to about $661 USD for me. 


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