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RE: Needed modules

> I've been a list member fora while, but haven't posted... until now.

hello, and welcome.

> I have a client that's looking to upgrade their perl installs (in some
> cases from the 5.00x install) to a 5.8.x version, and in 
> doing so, would
> like to know what we think the "recommended" extra modules are. 

be careful when talking about perl version numbers. all perl 5.x versions
can (and probably should) be represented as 5.00x version numbers (eg. 5.8.0
is also 5.008.) the 5.6.0 and higher releases used v-strings to represent
version information, but v-strings have since been deprecated due to
implementation problems. so, this style of versioning is not backward- or

so which versions of perl are you really talking about? 
	perl -e'die $]'
should tell you (it never used v-strings, and it's output is compatible (and
comparable) across all perls.)

> For context, we do a lot of Oracle interaction, a lot of file 
> parsing and a
> whole darn lot of data exchange between various file formats.  
> Knowing this, I'd be interested to see what folks here recommend.
> Assume that DBI and DBD::Oracle are on the list.  What else do folks
> recommend?

the core module list in recent perls has grown some, so you may find more of
your favorites installed along with perl. anyway, Template, DBI, and XSH are
my favourite data-munging utils.

good luck.

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