John Paxton on 6 Feb 2004 21:02:31 -0000

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RE: Needed modules

> be careful when talking about perl version numbers. all perl 
> 5.x versions can (and probably should) be represented as 
> 5.00x version numbers (eg. 5.8.0 is also 5.008.) the 5.6.0 
> and higher releases used v-strings to represent version 
> information, but v-strings have since been deprecated due to 
> implementation problems. so, this style of versioning is not 
> backward- or forward-compatible.
> so which versions of perl are you really talking about? 
> 	perl -e'die $]'

Ok, so then, we're talking about versions as early as 5.00503.  

> > For context, we do a lot of Oracle interaction, a lot of file
> > parsing and a
> > whole darn lot of data exchange between various file formats.  
> > 
> > Knowing this, I'd be interested to see what folks here recommend. 
> > Assume that DBI and DBD::Oracle are on the list.  What else 
> do folks 
> > recommend?
> the core module list in recent perls has grown some, so you 
> may find more of your favorites installed along with perl. 
> anyway, Template, DBI, and XSH are my favourite data-munging utils.


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